Asean Mentor of the Year

This award goes to newly formed startup business in their bonafide years who is able to propel an idea into a successful business and exudes positive impact in the business industry. The awardee should be able to:


  • He/she displays a work ethic that reflects dedication, commitment, self-reliance and self-discipline in all areas of career.
  • In his/her 30s this individual shows exemplified creativity, initiative, resourcefulness and commitment in “making a difference” in the society.
  • He/she has the ability to work within a team or develop his own group by selflessly imparting knowledge, skills and experience to his/her generation
  • This award seeks to identify an individual who is respected, revered and well regarded by his/her peers or colleagues and/or clients or customers.
  • The candidate could show proof or evidence of continuing professional development, trainings and qualifications.