Congrats to our “Young Leader of the Year- Lance Tan” for the biggest Inflatable Island in Asia.

Bigger and Fabulous Inflatable Island in Asia

March 20, 2019 —The fantastic management of Inflatable Island which is located inside Samba Bluewater Resort at Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower

Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales, provided two busses for the media to visit once more the instagram worthy beach to showcase their newest addition, the Sunflower lounge, for everyone to enjoy.

“The Inflatable Island is the biggest floating playground in Asia. At 4,200 sqm, it's as big as 8 basketball courts put together side by side. It contains inflatables slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, swings and so much more!”

3 Reasons Why You Need To Visit with Family;

1. Memories are forever

At the end of everything, it is only memories that will forever stay. Be it photographs, moments or anything else. Spend it with your children, they grew up fast.

2. Travel makes you richer

A lot are believers that spending money on travel makes you richer in all sorts of ways. You gained more where others doesn’t have, your own unique experience that will last a lifetime.

3. Water makes you relax

According to author Wallace Nichols, seeing and hearing water releases a bunch of neurochemicals in your brain that promote wellness, and your blood flow increases to both your heart and brain, which creates an immediate feeling of relaxation.

Definitely, a sight to see and to bring your family and friends this summer, The biggest inflatable island in Asia is just 1.5 hours away from Manila. Summer especially for the students is just days away and as what they say,

“Sunshine is the best medicine and An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease. ...” Where also those busy bee entrepreneurs wants to experience and where to relax.”

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